Kristen Meghan and the facts about Chemtrails

by ​Rafael Zambrana                            February 7, 2014
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Courtesy of the Venus Project
​It is customary now days to call any US soldier a "hero", whether she/he is at war or coming back from one, the corporate media has coined that phrase ​so often it now has become a cliche.    It is done so that the military can harvest more naive idealists into the military to become cannon fodder for its imperialistic goals, and it's an insult on those few who are genuine heroes.

However I am glad to present you one REAL HERO who became a whistleblower after she realized her job to protect the people that pay her salary and whose bosses in the military are supposed to serve, was being compromise​d by using her and the vast powers of the US military in the process of poisoning those very people in the US and also the world.

Kristen Meghan is an engineer who discovered the US government is poisoning us and now is trying to wake us all up by risking her life and career for our sake, humanity itself and all creatures in the biosphere.

There are many "conspiracy theories" floating around and it is our job to discern which ones are the "conspiracy FACTS" from all the others, and this one has all the signs to be real.   Many people will be shocked and stressed to know the people who they trust to protect them is instead attacking them and will try to find ways to deny it.    However in order to solve a problem we need first to accept we have one, then we can study how to respond to it, and
we can.

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