Understanding the long term plot
by ​Rafael Zambrana                            March 18, 2014
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Courtesy of the Venus Project
I suggest you watch the whole series in the links provided below, whenever you get the time.

  Full Series                  DEBUNKING MONEY  Full Series
Israel is the proverbial "tip of the iceberg" for the Zionist financial Cabal intent on expanding its total control over the globe.   Rabi Ovadia Yossef does not speak for all Jews, many of which disagree with Zionism's idea we non-Jews are donkeys to be used by them.   However the Zionist small minority who have the power in the financial Cabal, do share Ovadia's idea of enslavement of all Goyim.

While watching the video above the term "Debt-Based" currency is used and HERE is a quick explanationn and HERE a more elaborate one.  
Also it talks about a possible association of Russia with China and Brazil as it is happening already with the BRICS countries in an attempt to confront the Anglo-American Cabal's plans of domination.

- Is the International Monetary Fund, an arm of the Cabal's Hit Men.
BIS - Bank of International Settlements, the Cabal's central bank of central banks.
G20- The 20 largest economies being manipulated to apply the Cabal's plot. The TPP is one example of this.
To those who think it's "ridiculous" for a Cabal of a few hundred individuals to control the world, watch THIS.   It is a "conspiracy fact" not a theory any more.

- Vrabel mentions at the end the G2 system whereby the Cabal strives to control both the US and China under the same fraudulent banking system, but fails to point out ALL banks in China, unlike in the US, are owned by the government, keeping them so out of reach from the Cabal.
Brzezinski - the Obama's adviser who was mentioned in the video, states the vital importance Ukraine has to expand the US (Cabal's) imperialistic dominion HERE
Damon Vrabel created two excellent series that have influenced me profoundly. The first one is Renaissance 2.0 and the second one is Debunking Money.

The videos below are two of the lessons included in the Renaissance 2.0 series and I suggest you take the ten minutes to watch them. Although the series is several years old, the points he expressed about Russia are spot on in this Ukraine crisis.   You'll see how the Ukraine's debt crisis that brought us the political crisis happening now, is but the same pattern repeating itself over and over again around the world, as explained by John Perkins in his book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. The financial Cabal "virus" that has infected the US and NATO elites uses debt to produce a crisis, for then to take over that country after the destabilization by imposing IMF austerity measures like privatizing state assets to benefit corporations, while taking away current state services to its people, as it's happening in Ukraine now but also in Spain, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Italy etc. The Cabal creates the problem first and then comes back with their "solution" which is a ploy to plunder the country's riches.   This is what Goldman Sachs did in Greece when it aided them to lie Enron-Style so it could qualify to enter the Euro zone, and now are back to purchase the country at pennies on the dollar.

Ironically Putin with all his imperfections may be one of the last obstacles the Cabal has on the road to total control of the world. His popularity in Russia went from 62% to 73% in one month during the Crimea-Ukraine conflict.