US and Venezuelan Coup D'Etat foiled  - Similarities
by ​Rafael Zambrana                        March 26, 2014
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Courtesy of the Venus Project
Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro is hosting a conference by UNASUR in Caracas with the purpose of solving the social unrest being perpetuated by the Venezuelan higher classes which haven't been able to win at the ballot box.    Only a few months ago the opposition performing the violent protests today, lost big again during the last elections they had described before hand as a sign of their strength.   Unfortunately for them the results showed the opposite, giving Maduro and his socialist government more votes for their cause.

At the start of the conference for Peace and Tranquility in Venezuela, President Maduro announced the arrest of 3 Air Force Generals who were plotting the violent overthrow of democracy in his country, and he thanked the good consciousness of several members of the armed forces who had brought to his attention the brewing plot.


The majority of people I have talked to in the US on the issue of the Coup attempt against Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933, their first reaction is to laugh out loud as if it was an impossible joke.   This shows how brainwashed many people are who have endured a barrage of deceit throughout their lives, having a hard time coming to grips with the truth about their country's reality today and in the past.

What is essential to realize is that all these plots have one thing in common.   They all come from the very same capitalist class that thinks governments are only good when they submit to their desires to pass laws benefiting their profits or to be used to obtain corporate welfare when corporations fail, by sucking the wealth of the productive entrepreneurs and workers in the form of taxes and interest, as we have seen in the spurious "Too Big To Fail" charade based on deceit and lies.   They are capitalists when they earn money, and turn communists when they demand governments to bail them out.   Privatize their profits and socialize their losses.


It is the same power structures that over the centuries commit these violent acts to assert their will when they can no longer do it by highjacking the democratic process using the money they rob to corrupt politicians and the Media.   Today they don't have to bribe the media because they own it.

Medley Butler was the most decorated general at the time and while retired he was approached by plotters, just as it happened in Venezuela now, and he decided to keep quiet to get to know the full extent of the plan.   Then he contacted the Roosevelt government to let them know of the treason.    The fact that none of the ploters went to jail, much less executed, goes to show their power and the weakness of democracy in the USA.
Today while FDR is considered one of the most important presidents of the US, too few people know this despicable detail in its history.

Smedley Butler went on to write a book called War is a Racket, and he's the real hero in this shameful event.

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THE US SUFFERED A COUP ATTEMPT IN 1933 AGAINST DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT and as the Coup against Venezuela is continuing with the arrest of 3 Air Force generals, we need to examine the similarities.