UKRAINE: The Phone Call That Changed the Public Perception as to Who is Guilty of Conducting a Coup
by ​Rafael Zambrana                            March 20, 2014
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Courtesy of the Venus Project
Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU Rep. Catherine Ashton caught on a leaked phone conversation admitting BOTH the Ukrainian police and protesters were killed by the same bullets shot by snipers from the protesters' forces.
Go to minute 8.10 of the call to listen to the juicy part.

The democratically elected Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych was abandoned by his own party Parliamentarians when these sniper killings were attributed by the corporate media to his police forces.

Therefore it is fair to say that if the truth had been made public the killings were the responsibility of the extreme right wing protesters themselves, as was stated in the phone conversation between Catherine Ashton and Urmas Paet, then Yanukovych government would not have folded as it did and he still would be in power in Kiev.   A totally different situation would be happening now.

In fact, the killers used this false perception to stage the COUP and are in the Ukraine's government now with no plans for an investigation into the killings they themselves committed.

These assassinations were used by the US and NATO to support the COUP against Yanukovych and were part of the campaign of spin and deceit to destabilize the democratically elected government. 
Therefore the difference this phone call proof of guilt should make in the perception of the US and NATO electorate is, their governments were involved in the Coup that destroyed democracy in Ukraine, and that the current government was installed under false pretenses, therefore it's illegitimate.

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At minute 8.20 seconds the Foreign Minister makes clear what Ashton appears already to know, which is that ALL THE BULLETS that killed policemen and protesters came from the same PROTESTER'S SNIPERS, and yet they do not tell their own people publicly in the EU and USA this is the case, which makes them accomplices in the crime, especially if they are using these assassinations as part of an agenda to force their will on Ukraine.