PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS and WILLIAM ENGDAHL  offer their views on the tense Ukraine Crisis
by ​Rafael Zambrana                            March 2, 2014
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IT IS IMPORTANT TO GET DIVERSE VIEWS ON THIS UKRAINE CONFLICT because the stakes are a lot higher and the situation a lot more dangerous than the US media is presenting when we're closer to the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI.

Paul Craig Roberts was the Treasury Secretary on Ronald Reagan's first term and some quote him as being the father of "Reaganomics", therefore a Republican. So it's quite interesting to see him talking so frankly and I must say, accurately on the issue of Ukraine well beyond the rhetoric being disseminated by the US corporate media in English as well as in Spanish.
Univision and Telemundo are the Spanish version of the tentacles emanating from the corporate elites insisting on exercising total control over the world's human and material resources, through active brainwashing portraying falsely the activities of their own government and those of the EU, Ukraine and Russia.

In an interview with Canadian Corbett Report from Japan, Roberts offers his views unconstrained by political circumstances.
Please CLICK HERE to take you to it. If you download it, you'll have control over the sound.

William Engdahl has written several books on geopolitics and he also gives his take on the Ukrainian situation. CLICK HERE to take you to his interview.

Courtesy of the Venus Project