Diplomacy was used to deceive while violence was applied

by ​Rafael Zambrana                            March 12, 2014
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 Ukraine's genuine discontent for corruption and mismanagement by ALL political parties since its independence, has been highjacked like those in Egypt, Libya and Syria by the Spin doctors from the CIA, MI6, Mossad and other state terrorist organizations at the service of the financial Cabal that rules the world.

For comparison I like to ask you to remember the unarmed Washington DC housewife who lost her way near the White House and tried to flee after she took a wrong turn and was assassinated by the US police in a hail of bullets while her 18 month old daughter was sitting next to her in the car.   HOLD THAT THOUGHT.  Compare it to the Kiev police using rubber bullets and water cannons battling attackers in the process of performing a COUP against an elected president.
John Kerry has over 268 million to his name and a lot of it is invested in the Military Industrial Complex, the more war, the more money he makes.  Obama's administration accuses Russia of international law breaking without biting their tongue for doing the same, with GUANTANAMO is still open for business, the US constitutional lawyer president Barack Obama every Tuesday sits down with staff to choose who to assassinate around the world the following week, without a trial, without any legal justification and while the US still has 20K troops plus 5K mercenaries in IRAQ (those US corporate private armies the corporate media never counts) after the US invaded it without justification alleging WMD's that were never found, and while the US still is in Afghanistan in the longest war in its history, having to leave without victory with a Taliban stronger than ever.

These clowns have to be truly hardened hypocrites to have the nerve to go on TV and demand others follow the laws when they themselves rarely do.

Will the US stand still if Russia orchestrated a Coup in Mexico in order to instal a puppet government who will allow Russia to establish rocket bases pointing at Washington?   Would the US allow parliamentarians from Moscow to fly to Mexico city and appear in front of thousands of protesters to encourage them to bring down  the democratically elected government as John McCain did in Kiev?

But you will never see this line of reasoning in the US corporate Media.   Even DemocracyNow with Amy Goodman are becoming a part of this same misleading narrative, being funded by George Soros an arm of the Cabal.    Amy Goodman today presented again Tim Snyder a CFR spokesman and Skull and Bones member, who dared to call himself a "leftist" while talking the FOX language, presenting a narrative apt for a Walt Disney fantasy extravaganza in his efforts to brainwash the audience to further the Cabals agenda of surrounding Russia in order to eventually steal its vast resources.

Courtesy of the Venus Project
The Cabal is extremely clever, always funding both sides of the conflict in order to keep it under control.   They allow the "leftists" like Juan Gonzalez and Goodman the recipients of their funding to criticise the status quo, but never to touch certain issues, like 9/11 and the banking system itself with its fraudulent monetary Fractional Reserve Banking.   Their intent is to modify the existing banking system, not to scrap it altogether as we should.

I don't know if it is because Goodman is too weak as a moderator or because she commits the typical liberal mistake of trying to be so "fair", that she always gives more time to the opponent guests, failing to stop their customary long diatribes that would limit their ability to spin.

George McGovern an ex CIA analyst knowledgeable of the situation in Russia and Ukraine who usually does a great job in his interviews, this time looked weak merely throwing sarcasm at Snyder's SPIN without dismantling Snyder's illusory mental constructions.
McGovern never confronted Snyder directly and took a lot less time to respond, calling Russia "the Soviet Union" at one Freudian-slip moment, leaving plenty of time for Snyder to keep on dishing out his pre-fab set of spinning points, disregarding McGovern's valid arguments.
who precipitated the Coup, beating up other bystanders and activists.
It is a pattern followed by the Cabal to always "go with the flow" not matter if their plans had failed.   Their success on their efforts to subjugate the majority in the world and live off our productive capacity while enjoying unimaginable riches, is their flexibility by being hidden from the majority of people's line of vision while manipulating those egotists like Obama and all other politicians who strive for the limelight.

The Cabal knows real power is in their hands and money means nothing to them since they have much more than enough when they can create it at will.  Minions like Snyder are a dime a dozen who often have no idea what the real game is in the process of advancing the Cabal's aims.
Just as the issue in Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Honduras, Bolivia and Iran has nothing to do with true democracy when it comes to justify the Cabal's efforts to destabilize and benefit from the turmoil in those countries, in Ukraine we have the same dynamic.  

The people who did the Coup and now appear as Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and acting President Oleksandr Turchynov, who have been immediately blessed by the US and the EU are far from new in the political scene.   In fact both have been part of the rape of Ukraine in past administrations and who were voted out in elections because of their incompetence and corruption.

Just as it happened in Honduras and Paraguay, now the new trick is to use a corrupt parliament or congress and judiciary to give an aura of legality to stage a Coup.   in Honduras the elected president Zelaya was thrown out of the country in his pajamas at 5 AM, with all of Latinamerica condemning the coup while the US and Canada blessing it.
In Haiti it was President Aristide who suffered the same fate forced out of the country by the US military abducting him and shoving him into a US Air Force plane and dumped in the middle of Africa.

After what happened in Libya with the assassination of Mohamar Gaddafy by the NATO thugs unleashed on him, the current legal elected president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych fled for his life.   
While John Kerry demands to follow the law he never mentions the people he supports in power today in Ukraine arrived at their positions by breaking it, just as it happened in all the other CIA orchestrated "revolutions".

 John McCain meeting with the ringleaders of the COUP to work out details
McCain talking directly to the protestors against an elected president.
....and then they demand Russia next door refrain from "interfering" on the affairs of a foreign country?    How hypocritical is that?
Victoria Nulan in blue jacket.  The Obama's COUP performer was caught
in a leaked phone conversation confirming her role in the plot