by ​Rafael Zambrana                            March 16, 2014
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Just as all eyes are directed by the corporate media to watch the referendum in Crimea today Sunday, at the same time the city of Venice is having its own to decide their exit from Italy.  Venice's referendum will last a leisurely 5 days.

Since 2006 the province of Veneto decided to strive to leave Italy, the EU and NATO because its people are not happy with forking out 20 billion Euros per year more than whatever they get from the federal government.   Other six provinces are also interested in taking a referendum on the matter after they heard Scotland in Britain and Cataluña in Spain are also thinking in doing their own to separate from their current countries.

So while the US and Canadian corporate media display Obama, Harper and Kerry foaming at the mouth vociferously barking the Crimea vote is illegal, and have orchestrated a vote at the UN to condemn the Crimea Referendum, (vetoed by the Russians), they conveniently forget the Kosovo referendum taken in Serbia against the wishes of the central government, where Kosovans decided to leave Serbia, while NATO and the US applauded the move as an expression of "democracy".

It was a matter of time before this decision would come back to bite Uncle Sam in the ass as it's happening in Ukraine and Crimea referendum.   At the time Spain expressed discomfort on that decision because it knows it would create a precedent with Catalonia and the Vasco nation.

So with all the theatrics and deep hypocrisy bursting out from Merkel, Cameron, Ashton, Obama, Harper, Powers and Kerry, the fact is they don't have a leg to stand on in this matter.    They have painted themselves into a corner and there's absolutely nothing they can do to avoid the outcome of that referendum.

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Newly formed Crimean forces stop a sabotage of gas plant feeding Peninsula
Volunteers from self-defense units are taking an oath of allegiance to the people of Crimea as the autonomous republic puts together its own military on March 10.

Crimean military and self-defense forces have prevented an attempt to sabotage and cripple the gas distribution center that feeds a number of socially critical facilities in the peninsula, including schools and medical centers, Crimean authorities said.

Around 11:00 GMT on Saturday the gas supply to Crimea was halted at one of the distribution centers near Strelkovaya, effectively cutting gas delivery to a number of areas in the eastern part of the Crimean peninsula. As a result a number of hospitals, medical centers, schools and apartment buildings were cut off from the gas supply.

A group of gas technicians, escorted by the Crimea’s newly created military, comprised of former Ukrainian troops who have sworn their allegiance to the republic, responded to the supply disturbance and set out to check the gas station.

“There they encountered a group of at least 20 armed men in camouflage,” the Cabinet of Ministers of Crimea announced. “These people were planting explosives at the facility in order to knock it out of action completely.”

Upon seeing the Crimean forces, they quickly fled towards the village of Strelkovaya, authorities explained. According to Crimean Prime Minister Sergey Aksenov, the men sabotaging the facility introduced themselves as the member of the Border Troops of Ukraine, but retreated without any further explanation of what they were doing at the gas plant.

The gas supply has been restored, Crimean authorities said, adding that the “distribution station was taken under control by self-defense forces of Crimea in order to halt similar provocations in the near future.”

Aksenov says such measures are needed to....    read more
Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU Rep. Catherine Ashton caught on a leaked phone conversation admitting BOTH the Ukrainian police and protesters were killed by "non-violent" snipers from the protester's forces.
These killings had been blamed on the deposed Yanukovich police forces and had been part of the campaign of spin and deceit by the EU, NATO and the US to destabilize the democratically elected government and bring about the current COUP leadership into power.

Now they have the nerve to call the Crimea referendum "illegal".


At minute 8.20 seconds the Foreign Minister makes clear what Ashton appears already to know, which is that ALL THE BULLETS that killed policemen and protesters came from the same PROTESTER'S SNIPERS, and yet they do not tell their own people publicly in the EU and USA this is the case, which makes them accomplices in the crime, especially if they are using these assassinations as part of an agenda to force their will into Ukraine.