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 Comment by  Rafael Zambrana                   October 29, 2018
Communism as applied by the Soviet Union, we've been told by the official rhetoric in the Western "democracies", was supposedly a disaster producing automatons with no initiative who ended up collapsing it . Gorbachev as the head of the Soviet Republics attempting to modernize the practices of Communism suffered and attempted Coup by the old hardliners in Russia which was used as an opportunity by Yeltsin, the president of Russia and competitor of Gorbachev, to destroy the Soviet Union and leave Gorbachev without a job, as it happened. So here we have the disappearance of a whole socio-economic system together with an empire as the result of a personal vendetta by one individual, Yeltsin.
What the Western brainwashing narrative fails to acknowledge and explain, is how if the Soviet Socialist system was so bad, The Soviet Union was so far ahead to the USA in the space development, even though all German rocket scientists had been poached by the USA during WW2 using "Operation Paper Clip" of which Wernher Von Braun the famous head of NASA who began by designing and making the V2 rockets for Hitler that rained on London killing thousands, and which were made with slave labor by the Nazis. Yes that describes the NASA hero Von Braun who the US Media never properly has analyzed in public, even after his death.
These videos help us to understand the disappearance of the Soviet Union and the current hysterical brainwashing of the Western Corporate Media portraying Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin as the devil itself, attempting to create a new Arms Race to explain the outrageous US yearly budgetary expense demanded by the Military Industrial Complex as warned by Dwight Eisenhower in his famous parting speech who actually was the one to coin the phrase describing the for profit warmongers who today control the USA.
Antony Sutton tells us in his book WALL STREET AND THE RISE OF HITLER how much capitalist investors were integral in the promotion of Nazism and Communism to benefit their profit ventures, which contrary to the narrative we are told by the "official" story that has been disseminated ever since these actions took place.

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The following video is in Spanish but I include it for those who speak it because it offers a good analysis of what truly were the many achievements the Soviet Union attained by using the very "communism" we're told doesn't work. For those who speak German there's another version with subtitles but I couldn't find one in English. Sorry.