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What are the Yellow Vest Doing?
Comment by Rafael Zambrana                                   December 9, 2018
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The French Revolution marked a profound change in the socio-economic approach of that country and many others in the history of the world.    The heads of Royalty were chopped off in the guillotine and the monarchy was eradicated from France.
It is likely we're witnessing today another transcendental change in France again to take us to a new paradigm, possibly beyond Capitalism since it appears the system has spent all its responses and still can't resolve the quagmire.       The Status Quo is not able to resolve the inherent contradictions the system contains which periodically throws it out of balance, affecting the lives and well-being of the people under it.
Spontaneously people of all stripes, races, age and social classes are gathering on the streets with no official leadership.     Leftists, Rightists and all groups of people are finding common cause for their lack of satisfaction, and join each other on the streets to express their discontent.
There are open suggestions of getting ahead without the customary political parties, dealing with the movement without the former social structures