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WATCH OUT!!   Big Changes may be Coming!!
Comment ​by Rafael Zambrana                              June 12, 2022

Runaway Inflation Is About To Collapse The US Economy w/ Peter Schiff
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We are being confronted with a unique situation demanding we make choices that will affect our future.     In order to do that we have to take seriously what this man, Peter Schiff is telling us.

​He's been right before when he was the only one predicting the 2008 collapse of the US economy that affected the whole world, and now he's telling us the consequences will be even worse.
​This is the sort of situation that forces changes of behavior in our lives.   Changes of plans to what we thought we would be doing.     Survival is what drives us all and making the correct choices is elementary to being successful at the end.       
​Having spent time being a Boy Scout in my teens, is a good base to explore self reliance in a survival situation.
I suggest listening carefully to what this man Schiff is saying, because our lives may be at stake in a confused future.
The idea of storing in great quantities the sort of products we use daily to satisfy our real needs, is like putting money in the bank, because money itself will collapse in value.     For food we can store those items, like rice and pasta that can last a long time without spoiling.    We can also store many canned foods that will last a long time and can be consumed in the future.      Something to think about is the scenario of being the only one with food in the midst of many others without, and their proclivity to steal what we have for them to survive because they didn't plan ahead (blaming us for having foreseeing  it), so a way to defend ourselves is important.
There's plenty of films that describe this sort of situation, so we can have an idea of the encounters we may have with others in this conflict.    Ideally we would organize in groups to produce what we need and defend what we have from others.    So ideally we should start by getting to know the kind of people that would fit the community that will help us survive, BEFORE the collapse happens.
WATCH OUT!! Big Changes may be Coming!!