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Media Concept at Speech of RT 10th Anniversary

Much has been said about the lack of free speech in Russia, and the dictatorial nature of its president Vladimir Putin, so I find it instructive to listen to what he's saying during his speech at the celebration of the ten year Anniversary of RT network (Russia Today) which I watch often in English and Spanish as well.     They broadcast in 4 languages including Arab and Russian itself, and as you will hear from Putin's own mouth, he's glad the freedom RT has been given to perform, has translated into a creative, talented and proliferating enterprise with more than 700 million audience, making it the most prolific YouTube Channel in the Internet with close to 4 Billion views.

Vladimir Putin

Commentary by Rafael Zambrana                                            March 18, 2016
In case you prefer to read in a text the speech, click HERE to do it
In this 3 min video Mikhail Gorvachev the last head of the USSR with white hair, is sitting at a table with a young lady, listening at what the president is stating on the Media's function in a free society.
The US and its followers HYPOCRISY is being displayed here by its actions to thwart "free speech" by blocking these videos about Vladimir Putin, during the war the US incited between Ukraine and Russia.      All the dirt the Western powers used to accuse the Soviet Union of doing, they are themselves doing it now, for the whole world to witness.