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US Army Colonel Describes Ukraine War
Ukraine's Zelenskyy is a US-NATO puppet

Comment ​by Rafael Zambrana                               March 16, 2022
Fox Business Guest Tells Truth About Ukraine President
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It's shocking to the conservative Fox News interviewer to hear the blunt assessment given by this US colonel Douglas McGregor on the situation taking place in Ukraine's invasion by Russia.    He can't believe what he's hearing in the open air of his Fox channel, given how far his views are from the mainstream of the US narrative in the country.

But there it is.    He has said it and there's nothing they can say now that the truth has been stated so clearly in their own propaganda channel.    

The Colonel accurately describes the Ukraine president as a "PUPPET" of United States and NATO in this conflict, and openly compares that situation with one of having the Russians doing the same thing at a country on the border to the USA, like Canada or Mexico, and expecting the US to do nothing?

If the US has anything to be proud of, is this openness to debate important issues even in Fox News where it usually doesn't happen.
Pro-War Media Caught Pushing Fake Ukraine Stories
Russia diplomat: “There is no war” in Ukraine - extended interview
What I find amazing is how much trust people in the US are placing on their government claims, given that after the INVASION OF IRAQ BASED ON TOTAL LIES ABOUT CHEMICAL WEAPONS AND BABIES BEING SMASHED OUT OF THEIR CRIBS IN HOSPITALS, that later were proven to be total lies.
​As much as the stories of the US Guantanamo ILLEGAL base where torture of prisoners have been made completely exposed.

​The insistence to continue taking for granted these state-lies as facts, shows the US has a much worse problem, with a mass population (as it happened in Nazi Germany) believing the US state narrative because it makes them feel better about themselves, just as the German population supported the Nazi narrative for years, until they were defeated by the Russians.

The video title below is misleading 
because that is not what the Russian diplomat has stated.   What he said is that​ Russia's aim is to demilitarize Ukraine and after that they will leave, as now it is being stated after this interview took place.      Zelensky has agreed to Ukraine being neutral if it can be assured of being defended by other countries.      The Russians will agree after Ukraine signs the accord.​
(the lady interviewer asked the supposed military man on the phone to describe how the plane had been shot down, and he answered "the plane was shot down by a blast of wind from Howard Stern's ass"  and the lady said "can you tell us what sort of system the rocket came from?"  so the guy responded  "well you're a dumbass aren't you?")
US denies policy of “regime change” in Russia after widespread criticism - BBC News
Above the US journalist is being rude to the Russian official being interviewed, by cutting him off in mid-sentence and shouting him off without letting him response to his questions.

​​​Below originally we had a video of Joe Biden openly demanding regime Change in Russia asking for the removal of Vladimir Putin, but the video was femoved from yutub after so much criticism from many quarters, then Biden said this....
Joe Biden's remarks regarding the removal of Vladimir Putin from his post in Russia, was a knee-jerk response due to old Joe Biden's long position at the top of the US Empire's power elites, where they have been used to removing anyone they disagree with.   However Russia is not Libya invaded by the US and NATO to assassinate Muamar Gadafi, when the act was filmed and displayed in YouTube as a warning to anyone who disagrees with Gringos, better keep their mouth shut.  His age is part of why he behaves in such a disarray sort of manner, at times.