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UKRAINE WAR Machine Identified
Comment ​by Rafael Zambrana                              May 14, 2022

Eisenhower's Warning about the Military-Industrial Complex
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Former US PRESIDENT Dwight Eisenhower a former Army General and the last Military Commander of the WW2 allied Armed Forces in Europe, in his last speech as president warned us all, of the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX threat to peace and justice at the heart of his own country.     It is precisely this same issue what has created the conflict in Ukraine in order to sell more weapons and earn more profits, regardless of the losses and suffering of the Ukrainian and Russian people.
It is evident the humanity and care of his convictions that brought him to express his feelings in this historical speech,     And it explains the for-profit causes of the War in Ukraine, given that the US war industry strives to enhance its gains with the blood of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers and civilians.​