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THORIUM the Energy of the Future
Comments by Rafael Zambrana                                  September 18, 2022
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Chris Hedges
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The 1981 Canadian-French co production Film "Quest for Fire" set in a paleolithic Europe shows the early wars driven to control energy, as a war in Ukraine today shows us we haven't evolved that much as human beings.

The Secret the current Nuclear Technology hides from humanity is that its development was fueled by the US need to create elements that are necessary to create NUCLEAR BOMBS.    
Yes the first Nuclear reactors were designed to create PLUTONIUM which is a man-made element, and since the US wanted to make many Nuclear Weapons they decided to say we needed Nuclear reactors to produce electricity, so all these "electric plants" have been in fact producing Plutonium to manufacture Nuclear Bombs.

 Now we understand why the US freaked out when Iran decided to make Nuclear Plants to generate Electricity, because in THEIR GRINGO MIND Iran wanted to make an atomic bomb, and accused them openly without having any real proof of that.
Since the 1960's Thorium energy has been discovered to supply clean energy, but the US wanted to make nuclear bombs so it shelved Thorium technology in order to develop Uranium, except this material will stay radioactive for ten thousand years, while using Thorium you need 250 times less material to generate the same energy and its waste will be radioactive for only 10 years.

So as we can see, the US has created thousands of tons of Uranium waste that will stay radioactive for 10 thousand years, leaving a horrible legacy to many future generations that will have to take care of this waste in their lives in order to avoid being poisoned by it.     And this could have been avoided, but of course then they couldn't have made all these nuclear bombs that today threaten peace and life in planet earth.