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Comment by Rafael Zambrana                                   February 20, 2021

Big Brother is Watching You
All social changes resulting from individual's actions, attempt to promote benefits for social circles, the size of which may be measured according to the intended size of the group.       While some people prefer to contain the changes to benefit a small social circle, there are others who seek to foment social changes that encompass everyone in the whole of society.

​Is the sharing of ideas that maintain or change the current social behavior within the minds of the individuals forming the social groups.     Ideas are the raw material used inside human's brains to manipulate the reality they live in, and therefore critical for attaining their wellbeing.     That is why ideas are essential in the development of society in general as the bases for human evolution towards a sustainable life of tranquility and wealth for the whole of society.
​Is the technological means by which humanity communicates in mass with each other, and by which all sorts of diverse points of view are shared in order to support or change mass ideologies and social views on any subject.   Given the profound importance of MEDIA in the development of consciousness determining the level of social organization in the working of society, it is my view that all the MEDIA establishments transmitting the information that feeds the social common view of the world, should be controlled by the society it serves, in a form of COOPERATIVES run by members of those societies, not by commercial businesses only interested in profiting from the service, which they can modify at will to manipulate people's decisions.     Whatever profits are gained from these Media Coops, are retained in the social circle that manages those institutions for the benefit of their society, instead of getting just a few people rich, as it is happening right now.
The idea is to avoid situations of self-destructive behavior as when information of a mine corporation dumping destructive, poisonous refuse into rivers servicing the communities for water needs, are withheld from the community that drinks from it so as to benefit the polluter's profits. 
Like in USA Government regulations offer Media licenses at small costs, in Mexico also its government has given most of its Media licenses to the worst for-profit corporations, who are polluting the audiences minds with grotesque fallacies instead of news based on reality.    Given that politics are driven by people's decisions, and their decisions are being polluted by the daily, constant lies they listen to, it is imperative a solution is found to bring the nation's mind's into the true reality they are facing.

RUSH LIMBAUGH'S death recently has brought to my attention the importance of MEDIA in the evolution of society itself and the importance of offering ALL individuals in society the channels to receive a variety of information in order to make the right decisions.       Notwithstanding I was totally opposed to Limbaugh's points of view, I always defended his right to communicate to his followers.
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