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Comment: ​ Rafael Zambrana                      February 22, 2021
A  couple of decades ago I used to watch a Series of Phil Donahue interviewing Vladimir Pozner regarding Russia, where Pozner currently has several shows in TV and Radio.     He speaks perfect English because he also lived in the USA, so the opportunity to see what's happening in Russia can be obtained directly and clearly.

​As presented I am convinced it has been the US and Western ideology that see the rest of the world with an air of superiority, what has created an image of Russia as a  threatening enemy.
​Since decades ago the USA has been under the control of the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX notwithstanding the going away last speech given by Dwight Eisenhower the US president warning us all of the danger this implied to democracy and personal freedoms.   
​In fact it was Eisenhower himself in that speech who coined the term Military Industrial Complex, and yet here we are under the threat of that curse.
It is a logical outcome for a country that relies on selling weapons domestically and internationally, to attempt to create wars to achieve its goals of weapons sales.      That is the reason the USA requires of enemies to instil insecurity and convince the taxpayers to spend the huge amounts of dollars every year to keep its weapon's industry earning big profits, which means humanity is in constant danger of having a nuclear confrontation that could demolish life in the whole world, due to a nuclear winter.
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While President John F. Kennedy was speaking, he was already surrounded by the assassins who despised him and would kill him weeks later.     The "enemies" he spoke about were not foreign, but very domestic, starting with his own vice president Johnson who despised him, and was only chosen to attract votes from the South of the country.       
​Kennedy's assassination was a warning for any future US leaders who attempted to try again acting beyond the Permanent State's guidelines, as to the consequences of their freedom.

​People's decisions arise from the information their minds receive and the conclusions they develop, therefore the actions they take are consistent with the narrative fed by those radio, TV and newspapers outlets that are FOR-PROFIT businesses not necessarily interested in displaying the facts, unless the information increases their profits.     An example is the "news" of a drinking water river servicing a town next to a corporate mine, being used to dump the mine's refuse that is bringing cancer to the people in the town.      The corporation saves money by dumping the tailings without treatment, and demands the MEDIA doesn't publish the facts.     
​If instead the Media by law was forced to be run by a COOPERATIVE whose members drink that water, do you think they would poison themselves and families for profit?
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