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The History  Of Nuclear Energy

4-​Elusive solutions for toxic waste
Comment by Rafael Zambrana                               January 3, 2021
The world today is going through many changes in 2021 with Russia being an important part of the movement, therefore it's conveniant for all of us to learn more about this element in the mix.
Russia is the largest country by territory in the world with over 17 million square Kilometres, with a distant second place by Canada with Just under 10 million Sq. Km. containing vast reserves of natural resources which have been a magnet for many other countries' desires to possess.
Currently Russia's leadership has shown an ideology of consensus with the rest of humanity, after their period of attempting an experiment with Karl Marx's ideology not suited to their development at the time of it's forced implantation by the Bolshevik Revolution.
Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto was written in London Great Britain at the top of its Capitalist success, and Marx's ideas were suggested as the next step after Capitalism, and were never suited to be implanted in a backward, poor, feudalistic society as Russia was at the time of Lenin's times.   Which explains why the wise Chinese Communist Party decided to let open Capitalism grow in their country in preparation for real Communism of the future.