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Replacing MONEY to Exchange

Comment ​by Rafael Zambrana                               August 27, 2021
Disruptive Technologies Making Money Obsolete
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Our standard of living can only be achieved by applying the division of labor, and this can only become a reality by having a form of exchange to purchase and sell the many services and products that the economy, we as a society, produce.
While Money has been the system that creates the unit to measure the energy the exchange requires, ​Thomas Greco proposes other practical forms that can be offered by communities in need of exchange.
This video explains the process any group of people and businesses can find a way to exchange without the use of the Money Unit we all have been customarily using since birth.

The most important issue is the exchange of goods and services in a way that improves our standard of living, doing it the most efficient way.

In THIS PAGE the issue of MONEY has many other points of view in the matter, and I suggest viewing it.