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Real COMMUNISM Explained
 Comment by  Rafael Zambrana                   November 10, 2018
After watching this interview the concept of Communism gains a different meaning to the one we've been given for so many years by the Status Quo who rules our lives. While it's true the transition from Feudalism into Capitalism was an improvement in the evolution of the masses of people who create wealth, the workers, it's also true in Capitalism the owners of those "slaves" were unencumbered of the responsibility of attending to those slaves health, housing and feeding which was part of maintaining their investment to produce that wealth (just as today farmers have to worry about their animals being healthy to produce), with Capitalism that responsibility was transferred to the workers themselves who now had to find their own shelter, provide for their own food and pay for their medical needs. For the investor of today it's much easier to deal with their "slaves" because it is themselves who have to worry about all of these necessities.
Yes it costs them more money and have less profits, but their lives have become way more palatable while they pretend to live in "freedom". Which brings us to the dichotomy of seeing how Capitalism and Democracy are in contradiction to each other and why the use of the cooperatives model can become the next step in the new model of production in the evolution of society and workers rights. By using a Coop model already inherent in the socio-economic system we have, production disruptions can be avoided while the share of wealth is distributed widely more justly than the current Capitalist system today allows.
Cornel West reminds us of the great difference between Individuality tilting into capitalism while individualism is the creative abilities being expressed in the wide approach of an orchestra full of individual musicians playing under an artistic director, which he suggests is the Marxist approach to living in society.