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Big Brother is
​Watching You
By   Robert Cullen                                      July 2, 2022
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Chris Hedges

What are the Republican Plans
When we complain about President Biden, please ask yourself what the
Republican plans are that would help our country out of this quagmire of
unforeseen events around the world. What would you suggest he do or
what do you think he should actually do that he hasn’t already done? The
Republicans have told us what their intentions are if they regain control of
the government. Why are we not listening? They would like to have a five
year plan to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, snap and all abortions and
contraception devices and drugs. Sure, sure they don’t come out and say
that. Instead they say let’s sunset them so we can make them better with a
Wink and a nod. We know this how? We just heard three Supreme Court
Justices lie to congress about their belief that Roe V. Wade was
established law and then they voted against keeping it anyway. But we are
not stupid we’ve been listening to them bamboozle us for 80 years. They
don’t seem to care that these programs are very popular with all voters. So
I wondered why? Maybe they’re very confident that no matter who wins the
popular vote they will just put that aside and put in place their own electors
to get the outcome they desire.
The war in Ukraine, which is or was the bread basket of Europe and
many other countries is adding to the price of food and gasoline. None of
these problems started with Biden becoming President. It is especially true
of gas prices. We are a self-sufficient energy producer. We don’t need to
be a part of the Global Network. We could nationalize the Fossil fuel
industry, the Health Care systems and how about breaking up the
predatory corporations that seem to be in charge of our government and
against our democracy. But, if the President did that he would be accused
of being a Socialist even if it would be good for the country. In other words
we need to people like Teddy Roosevelt or Robert Kennedy to stand up
against these corporate giants that seem to be in charge of our
government. Maybe the Jan. 6th hearings will produce a new leader? We
can always hope they will appear before it’s too late before a minority of
Americans install the new Confederacy. Will we really ready for that?
I Think Not!
The Chronicle
One wrong man in a position of power can do serious damage to a country
years after he’s gone. So here's what I found about the global gas shortage,
which was one of the causes of this price spike. In April of 2020, Trump’s
last year in office, he threatened the Saudi government that if they didn’t
cut their oil production the Saudis would lose military aid. Until then the
Saudi’s and Russia were engaged in an oil price war which was effecting the
Russian economy. The Saudi’s agreed to cut oil production, which
increased the price of that commodity. Once again Trump proved to be
Putin’s “Useful Idiot”. Reuters and a few other news groups reported this
story and then nothing more was said, which proves to me how powerful
the fossil fuel Oligarchs are in this country. Of course the other reason was
due to people curtailing their driving because of the covid19 epidemic which
was completely mishandled by guess who again. Oh, and yes, when this
same person said that the U.S. should get out of NATO. Putin decided it
was the perfect time to invade the Ukraine. One man, so much damage
and there are still people that still want him to run again.
In the same theme as above. One man doing so much damage. Consider
this: Trump and his enablers appointed with the permission of the
Federalist Society 6 right wing Christian Nationalists. I know, I Know, what
does that mean. Most of the Republican party has been taken over by a
new Tri-Fecta.
White Evangelists joining forces with White Supremacists under the
umbrella of the Christian Nationalist movement. That’s why the Supreme
court has just voted to deprive 170 million women of their constitutional
right to privacy. Most of the laws we see throughout the Republican states
are conceived by a very small group of very white corporate billionaires
who fund the assault on women, unions, environment, voting rights and
health care. The group that they have set up to do this is called ALEC. they
produce most of the laws they want enacted. This group is determined to
install a corporate plutocracy firmly entrenched in the new Republican
Theocracy. The New Confederacy is closer than we think.

Robert Cullen
​June 24 2022