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Nazis in USA
Comment by Rafael Zambrana                                   April 14, 2020

It's been already 7 decades since World War 2 showing us a history in USA behavior that can define a pattern in its nature.     This video explains the causes of that Nazi flavor we can observe in much of what it has been doing.      It's society has been shaped by the actual members of the German Nazi leadership that gave Hitler his administration's character.      It was a conscious choice made by the US leadership of the time to seek and choose those members of Hitler's inner circle using Operation Paperclip.     What this shows is the real nature of the US mindset of the time, in fact of most of the western world who held an admiration for Hitler's economic achievements in such a short time, as we can see a recognition by the Western elites of the "Chinese approach" to administering their society in the efficient ways of control they would like to adopt in their countries.
The Russian mindset is logically different, given the 27 million dead victims they suffered at the hands of the Nazi German onslaught, leaving the Soviet Union under a rubble of destruction, from which they were able to rise in a few years working with a "Communist" economic system the West qualifies as extremely inefficient.
Annie Jacobsen, "Operation Paperclip"
Big Brother is Watching You
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