A MESSAGE to all the INNOCENT people
                     by ​Rafael Zambrana                          July 28, 2013
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"Those who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little 
​temporary safety, deserve neither liberty, nor safety"

​Benjamin Franklin

    The Truth is NO Defense
​   for Manning & Snowden in       Obama's kangaroo courts​
"None are more hopelessly      enslaved, than those who    falsely believe they are Free"
Operation Paper Clip shows the War was not about basic ideological differences, between Fascism and Democracy, but about who controls the world.   All the BS Hollywood keeps on shoveling about the Wars and the Holocaust is part of the ongoing brainwashing to keep people distracted from the fact they're being robbed by the very same Zionists who financed both sides of the war, using the Fractional Reserve Banking-monetary System as their weapon, explained HERE.
The marriage of State and Corporate Power evident in the US, together with the fake one party "democracy" we're enduring, shows we are already in Neo-Fascism.
 War is too good of a business for the well established, profit-hungry Industrial  Military-Congressional Complex, to be stopped by the very people it uses as  cannon fodder soldiers and workers in its plants.         The show must go on!!!
Senator Church warning about the NSA in 1975
Church was stunned by what the Church Committee learned about the immense operations and electronic monitoring capabilities of the National Security Agency (NSA), an agency whose existence was unknown to most Americans at the time. Church stated in 1975: "That capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything: telephone conversations, telegrams, it doesn't matter. There would be no place to hide." He is widely quoted as also stating regarding the NSA: "I don't want to see this country ever go across the bridge... I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision, so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return."
Commentators such as U.S. constitutional lawyer and columnist Glenn Greenwald have praised Church for his prescient warning regarding this turning around by the NSA to monitor the American people, arguing that the NSA undertook such a turning in the years after the September 11 Attacks.

 Senator Frank Church
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​1- Once I went to a home dinner attended by teachers from a school in south Houston years ago, and I was surprised to hear several stories as shown in this video, with policemen violently treating some of them as criminals for simple actions where there was no criminal activity, even after they identified themselves as teachers.

2- There is the case in the video of the cyclist in New York who was merely passing by together with dozens of other cyclists in a monthly event, who was attacked suddenly by a policeman and then charged with resisting arrest. Thanks to the video the man's charges were dropped and the policeman got reprimanded.

3- In the other case of the black teen girl working at a fastfood cashier, the result was the policeman made a mistake about giving her a $20 dollar bill, when in fact was a $10, her family sued the police department and received over 24 thousand dollars from the taxpayer as compensation.

4- There are several cases of policemen attacking the victims instead of helping them, treating them as criminals, as in the case of the young man who had an accident where his auto had burned and was in a state of shock, sitting naked by the road full of blood, and instead of helping him calling for an ambulance, they asked him to lay face down for them to handcuff him. Can you imagine what it is to feel all burned up from his waste up and being asked to lay down on the dirty ground??? The total time from the moment they arrived to see this burned up man to the moment they shot him to death was only 26 seconds!!! What this shows is, the long story they told the court was all BS.
Similar treatment other policemen inflicted to that 16 year old who fell from an overpass and was semiconscious in shock, and also he was asked to lay face down and he didn't do it, so he was tasered 17 times and left in a coma.
In all these cases the policemen explain themselves clearly and efficiently, but their words indicate they are not understanding the crimes they were committing. They think the form overrides the insane, despicable content of their rationalizations. And what is most worrisome is that the courts are as mad as they are, because constantly they keep letting them off the hook, setting them free, so they can commit more atrocities.

5- The second chapter talks about The Code. A non-profit organization called The Police Complaint Center, sends out people to merely ask for a form to launch a complaint for police abuse, and the film shows how never they give this form to those asking, but many times the policemen retaliate violently just for asking while they don't know they are being filmed.

6- The way that waitress is being beat up by that off-duty cop behind the counter, shows the sort of psychopaths the taxpayer is paying supposedly to protect us.

Fortunately not all cops behave like this but rarely those who are sane say anything against their colleges for fear of retaliation from the "gang" itself. And the army behaves the same way. The man who brought to light the Abu Ghraib criminal treatment of prisoners, even if he did it originally internally, not with the press, was ostracised by others in the military and received so many death threats, him and his family had to move out of the town where they were living.

There is a malaise inherent to the socio-economic system we are living currently that invariably ends up promoting this sick behavior when groups of people become institutionalized as police officers, as enforcers of laws they flaunt themselves constantly. The moment people become commodities to trade with as things that can be dismissed as cattle, and capital becomes more important than human beings, the social system itself is fertile ground for abuse and violence.
THIS SHORT VIDEO shows Ms Contreras another innocent victim of sexual molestation, being arrested by the very same cop who abused her, while the female judge turned her back on her​​.

We need to wake up to the rampant abuse and act according to the new perception of the reality we have discovered.
The US is devolving into a Banana Republic.​

To find a proper solution we have to firstly analyse in depth what makes people with authority behave with a gang-like mentality as shown in the film, and one suggestion to a solution is to develop a new system where civilians from the community who are not related in any way to the judicial, political systems and the police force, oversees what they are doing, taking complaints from the community, unlike today it is the very same police departments who are supposed to take the complaints, but often don't as shown in the film, and when they do, they investigate themselves. Zero accountability.

After you watch the film please read comments below furthering explanations on some of the cases shown in it.
This is a message for those who say:

My purpose is to show with this film, that being innocent is no guarantee to be treated as an innocent person. There is an image of the world in the minds of most of those who consider themselves "innocent" worriless people, which does not correspond with the reality displayed in the film. The trust they feel for law enforcement is unfounded and these cases presented are but a few of the tens of thousands that happen all over the US, and many other countries. US prisons house hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Edward Snowden's revelations show the government's overreach in its blanket spying of all US communications, including those passing through the US, from other countries. Free speech is impossible if there is no privacy for individuals to think and speak freely in their daily living, especially when criticising the government who is spying on them, and it is under the parameters of this situation we have to analyse what it means to have the people we pay to administer our society and protect us, all the way from the top political leaders, the judiciary, to the lowest in law enforcement, to behave the way described in the following video.

It is paramount to understand any one who swears allegiances​​ when working at the US government, they are doing so to THE CONSTITUTION, and NOT to that particular government at the time, as Nixon's, Obama's and Bush's prosecution of whistle blowers pretend.

During the 1975 investigation of Nixon's Water Gate scandal, Senator Frank Church stated the following: