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Comment ​by Rafael Zambrana                              June 15, 2022

Life After Death – Scientific Evidence | An Interview with Oliver Lazar
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As explained in these videos, death is a very important part of the life we live, and therefore requires a proper understanding for all of us to deal with it. What is interesting about the description we hear from all these people who have experienced the process of dying is that it is actually a pleasant experience while meeting new and old people who have died already. There is no evidence of the experience to have been unpleasant or painful.
However I should note that if souls decide to be reborn in a new physical body after dying, it must be because there are things about living physically that make it attractive for souls to be willing to do it.
​What it is I don't know, but I believe that "learning" in our physical state is part of the reason we choose to do it. 
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