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Jeffry Epstein US in-Justice
Comment by Rafael Zambrana                                   June 14, 2020
Finding Epstein’s “Little Black Book”
Big Brother is Watching You
I just watched the Netflix miniserie on JEFFRIE EPSTEIN, which I highly recommend you to see.      It not only exposes the terrible individual he was, but also puts in evidence the US justice system at its worst.
Epstein knew how to control people by recording on film all the incorrect behavior they fell into, usually​ made possible by Epstein's help.
What better scenario to do the worst than in his personal remote island in the caribean, where he kept bringing loads of under age girls to service the worst psichopaths in power.     While Bill Clinton denies ​he ever went there, the logs describe his flying there 26 times.   Prince Andrew of Britain was in his sick mode, as are most of the powerful CEO's, (including Donald Trump) and other monarchies still in use in the backwaters of  Europe, who think laws and decency are not for them.