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JEFFREY SACHS on Ending the
Russian-​Ukraine War

Comment ​by Rafael Zambrana                              June 22, 2022

Jeffrey Sachs on Ending the Russia-Ukraine War
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Jeffrey has always been a great example of what a good US citizen should be, offering informed decisions based on facts, not cheap propaganda as the one we've seen in the last few years with the purpose to paint a negative image of Russia and its President Vladimir Putin.  The war taking place has been the result of the Coup performed by the US CIA 8 years ago, and the unfulfilled US and Ukraine leadership promises in the MINSK ACCORD that Russia was demanding for 8 years to be fulfilled regarding the Eastern Ukraine provinces of Lugansk and Donetsk, but weren't.

So it has finally come to a head​ with Russia being forced to invade Ukraine in order to stop the Ukrainian Army's carnage against its own Russian-speaking citizens on the East and what their US funded military labs were doing there.    Fortunately the incursion was so fast, the labs were not able to delete all the illegal research they were conducting directing it towards affecting the Slavic DNA in a destructive way. 
​This of course is surprising because Ukrainians themselves are Slavic, so this research would have affected them negatively as well.