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Hypocrisy Displayed at "DEMOCRACY FORUM"
Comments by Rafael Zambrana                                 October 28, 2022
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Chris Hedges
It is a top embarrassment when a NY Times fake Journalist named STEVEN ERLANGER in his own program called DEMOCRACY FORUM behaves utterly undemocratic when his invited "expert" starts stating the truth.    But Steven is paid big to hide it, and he has to shut him down for fear of losing his well-paid job.
This shows the true nature of what USA stands for.    This is a vignette where all elements of an essence are being displayed for all to see.    This man deals with supposed "facts" in his NY Times "Democracy Forum" just as the USA tries to portray itself as "democratic" but keeps on failing by his own behavior, just as Erlanger.
Republican Ex-President Dwight Eisenhower in his last farewell speech from the White House gave the world a warning that was never heard by the US voters and today we are close to nuclear annihilation because of it.    Eisenhower said THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX was a threat and yet today it is in control of US foreign policy creating conflicts in order to sell more weapons.     The Ukraine conflict is one of the many the US creates so it can export more products.     The people clapping was not for Sachs intervention, they clapped because he was being shut down.   That's how much the brainwashing has taken a hold of these ignorant fools.​
As long as this pattern continues, humanity is at risk of self-destruction.The US intention to be the UNIPOLAR sole controller of the planet is the main obstacle to a peaceful, geopolitical balance. The Ukraine war crisis started in 2014 when the US CIA performed a Coup in Kiev against the democratically elected Viktor Yanukovych government.     Victoria Nuland a CIA agent did the Coup in order to impose their own puppet in power there.    Today all decisions in Ukraine are being done by the US and NATO.   Not by Zelinsky the professional Clown as president.
Jeffry Sachs tried to again introduce the facts so that the audience is aware of the perilous times we are confronting.   

Ex President
​Dwight Eisenhower 
Jeffry Sachs
Steve Erlanger
Victoria NULAND la VIVORA venenosa  de la CIA