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Juan Guaido's adventures in Caracas
Comment by Rafael Zambrana                                   April 5, 2019
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It is ironic to observe how so many developing countries that have natural resources suffer from social unrest due to the attempts by others to grab their wealth for their own benefit. Venezuela is very rich in minerals and has the largest oil reserves in the world, being close geographically to the largest oil consumer in the world, the USA, but that is also the biggest bully in the block, used to taking whatever it wants, by force if necessary.
However, history continues its never ending development changing the global realities in every country, and the 21st century is coming up with new countries displaying new qualities and possibilities. China has once again attained its high place in the wealth charts as it was up to the middle of the eighteen hundreds when Britain surpassed it during its empire era, with Russia attaining a preponderance in armament, notwithstanding its meagre budget expense. Russia today has some weapons the US has no way to counter and it developed them at a fraction of the bloated US weapons budget, which is larger than the next ten countries weapon's budgets put together.
So it's really no surprising to see the US attempting to take over the rich resources of Venezuela without realizing, with its Trumpian leadership's mentality still stuck in the 20th century, of the non feasibility of its approach in the new circumstances. While China has plenty of cash in the trillions, the USA has DEBTS in the trillions, but with a big stick military, which has taken over the direction of the country's foreign policy trying to feed its huge weapon's industry.    The USA starts wars as a matter of "business" necessity in order to sell weapons, putting the whole world at risk constantly.   No wonder polls taken in many countries by regular citizens have found the US to be the most dangerous country in the planet.
Guaido attacked by poor venezuelans in barrio