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The Global RESET
Comment by Rafael Zambrana                                   January 25, 2019
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In our research for answers to the chaotic unprecedented global situation we're living today, Russian Intelligence officer Daniel Estulin is offering a perspective on what is taking place. Some of his views will shock you but we have to take into account any warnings, and listen to all advice for us to take more informed decisions.

One of the shocking news is to hear of the disappearance of Israel predicted by two important people, Henry Kissinger and Lord Rothschild one of the founders and long time supporters of Israel.
The collapse of the Breton Woods Monetary agreement that had kept economic stability for decades since 1944, demands we set up a new system to continue our evolution towards a new balanced socio-economic model.
While Donald Trump appears to be a clown lost into his impulsive whims, Estulin suggests he represents a faction from a CABAL of world leaders who intend to take society a step beyond Liberalism for the whole world.