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Comment ​by Rafael Zambrana                              June 19, 2022
Thorium can give humanity clean, pollution free energy
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When we have an energy war in Ukraine, there's an incentive to question and investigate possible ways to avoid it in the future. Research has brought me to the point in the past, when decisions were made to use NUCLEAR ENERGY to satisfy this basic need for humanity and it was then that a fateful decision was made to use URANIUM instead of THORIUM to supply the Nuclear Energy reactors to boil water to use the steam to turn the wheels to create energy.
YES, isn't it amazing that the fancily named "Nuclear Energy" is merely the same ancient form of producing energy, as were the water mills of the past, using river waters to turn the wheels with their constant flows down the river?
All this huge mess of lethal nuclear radioactive waste we continue to accumulate in the world, that lasts hundreds of thousands of years to be safe to handle, could have been avoided if we had used THORIUM instead of URANIUM to heat the waters that turn into the steam that move those wheels that generate energy.

The decision to use Uranium was taken because this element created residuals for the ingredients to make Nuclear Bombs, and since the world was in competition for supremacy between the US and the Soviet Union, during the WW2 campaign the US made the first atomic bomb that was dropped on human beings for the first and only time in history, over two cities in Japan that had been kept particularly free of attacks, HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKY so the US scientists could use them as Guiney Pigs in their experiments.
But today we can go back to using THORIUM as the fuel to heat now, much cheaper to make,  Nuclear reactors, and as you can see in the videos, it can be used also to burn the old waste from the original fuel and it only takes 300 years to lose its radioactivity instead of hundreds of thousands of years with the current nuclear waste we have.

We are shown a small ball​ the size of a marble, to indicate ALL THE ENERGY we'll require in the whole of our lives if it was THORIUM.    And that forces you to pay attention.​
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