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 Comment by  Rafael Zambrana                   August 6, 2017
BITCOIN and the other Cryptocurrencies springing up lately are an attempt by humanity to break the chains of enslavement being secured by a CABAL of bankers.

DEBT IS THE MECHANISM TO ENSLAVE HUMANITY BEING IMPOSED THROUGH THE CREATION OF DEBT-BASED-MONEY during the production of the Money Supply, using the Fractional Reserve Banking System.  
Predicting the future with dated actions is always a very slippery slope, and here we have a total change of paradigm with vast repercussions being scheduled, and he may get it wrong in the timing but I doubt it's wrong in its over all explanation.     The 2008 Global Debt Crisis is very real and the trillions of US dollars that were created to save the banks since that year, are in circulation and the consequences have not yet been concluded.
We have been brainwashed since our birth to accept a narrative by which we see reality and make existential decisions that define our lives, and allows others to take control of it.      The function of Debt is one such concept we take for granted as a "natural phenomenon" but it has in fact been put there as a link in the chain that enslave us to the group of psychopaths who control the banking system.
The loss of the US dollar has been described by many others specialized in dealing with money investments and if we step back we can see our present economic situation has been debased to the point we have been brainwashed to see it as "normal".   Having for ten years interest rates being as low as close to zero percent, while at the same time banks keep advertising on the Media they control about "saving" for the "future".      It's completely incongruent to promise rewards for saving when at the same time all the capital in the saving accounts of millions of hard-working people have been turned to nothing in the banks, producing half a percent a year of interest.    It's an insult to the intelligence of the masses and yet because the TV commentators don't question it, people go about their lives as if nothing weird is happening.
If anything has become pathetically clear the older I get, is how easy is to brainwash people to accept almost anything as "normal".    In fact I can now see a big chunk of my idea of history has been a lie for decades.        "Democracy" is the supposed people's control of their destiny, but when Edward Bernaise published his discoveries on mind manipulation, he demolished the basic concept of democracy by making it so easy to manipulate the masses predilections and decisions.
How can democracy function when the operators are slaves to someone else's predilections?   It's a good question that Bernaise resolves with a self-serving answer, suggesting "democracy" needs the guiding hand of "experts" for people to behave properly.    He does this without understanding how much of an impossible contradiction his words contain.