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The DEBT Trap Explained
Comment by Rafael Zambrana                                   April 12, 2020
Greece is the cradle of Democracy, where it was envisioned thousands of years ago, but it is yet to come to fruition anywhere in the world, including Greece itself.
Professor Richard Wolff has traveled to Greece, invited by this University to explain the mechanism by which that country is suffering deeply from the collapse of its Democracy due to its Capitalist malfunction, however much it has been wrongly attributed to "socialism".

The issue of Capitalism and Democracy is a current one in today's narrative of the world, with the most influential and militarily powerful nation, United States, confounding their meaning as one and the same.    NONSENSE.
Capitalism is far from being "democratic" when the critical decisions taken by the corporate elites are far from being decided in a democratic form, responding to the few CEO's who act as the Corporate Directors profit-seeking goals for their one and only purpose.

It's ironic USA the most militarily powerful nation, uses the concept of "democracy" as its main excuse to invade and force other nations to submit to its power, when as seen in the case of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Party, democracy is pushed aside in order to force a leader candidate not chosen by the majority, but by the few party bosses.    
This is why today's actions mark an end of a paradigm and the beginning of a new one in the evolution of US society towards another socio-political system suggested by Bernie Sanders and supported by the younger generations, Socialism.

Neoliberalism exposed the extreme abuses in Capitalism, undressing its bare fangs for all to see its true nature, that enhances extreme inequalities between a very few holding impossible to use riches personally, to the masses of inhabitants barely able to survive while working full time, creating the wealth for society.
THE TIME OF CHANGE has arrived to stop the use of DEBT as the tool to enforce power over the free peoples of the world.
Austerity and neoliberalism in Greece