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The Current Paradigm Explained
and why it has to shift
Comment by Rafael Zambrana                                   November 21, 2018
Robert has the knowledge and the ability to explain in detail what's the current paradigm ruling our lives today.     Although he at times appears to be arrogant, he in fact recognizes he "stands on other people's shoulders" to give his dues to all those he learns from.
His proposal to decentralize technological invention and production, together with his suggestion to create a truly independent Media gathering information organization is brilliant in my view.
Democracy to function properly, has to rely on having voters who are properly informed and have the maturity and capacity to choose.   It is obvious the fraud taking place as we speak regarding the debt created by the use of Fractional Reserve Banking is slowly being shared by many books and videos, expanding the masses and consciousness of it in the process to create a big enough group of people to finally end it and stop these rich few families who rob society of not only its wealth, but its peace by constantly creating wars to force governments to borrow and enslave their people into constant debts to these banksters.

It is in our grasp today to end the current paradigm of deceit, theft and manipulation by the few, and be able to truly create a new world where tranquillity, peace and abundance among everyone in this planet is achieved,
There's many other people that I will try to include here who are also broadcasting the same information to share this life-changing action, which I believe will help us all build a better world.
Many are whistle-blowers like Karen Hudes of the World Bank, Thomas Greco, Ellen Brown, Carroll Quigley, Bill Still, Edward Snowden, Benjamin Fulford, Max Keiser, Paul Craig Roberts (the creator of "reganomics") Peter Joseph of Zeitgeist series fame, Positive Money, The Money Fix, Mike Maloney, G. Edward Griffin, Michael Rivero, The Corbett Report and many others who at last are uncovering the monumental fraud the current Money Creation system is.     It is important to mention the new president of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) is also proposing to make it easier to sign up to conduct legal referendums by anyone who has a good petition to conduct them in order to expand the democratic social system.

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