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Capitalism in Transition
Comment by Rafael Zambrana                                   Febrruary 26, 2019
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For years now I came to the very same conclusions as economist Richard Wolff has come to in this video.      I realized we had already established in our society the vehicle to transcend from Capitalism to the next stage we require in the evolution away from the current socio-economic system to the next step in our road as a society.     Yes I am talking about the democratization of the work environment:   The COOP model as the answer to the demands at the end of the individualistic, "all-for-me" capitalist model.       Coops are the seeds that were created in the development of the long history of Capitalism.       They were born in its midst, have been practiced and refined and now we're ready to jump ahead to establish them as the model to follow as the new social system to rule our economies.

Just as it happened with Capitalism the road will develop into many different approaches of which almost every country has a diverse face of it, but the same process that fueled Capitalism striving for more efficiency, more technology, more output in practicality, will also fuel this next step in our evolution as individuals and as a whole community of humans.        Profit will be still a goal of the new system but it will not be the only one it will promote.   In fact it's possible some coops may decide to function as a non-profit for the sake of another community oriented goal, (another product of the Capitalist model)
The genius of professor Richard Wolff is how he is presenting the transference of one socio-economic system into the next.    He describes all the benefits to speak for themselves letting the audience to make their own logical conclusions.   Brilliant!!

It is quite to the point now that the US electoral process is taking place, and the contender from the Democratic Party with the biggest appeal around the youth is Bernie Sanders who is an old guy talking openly about being a "socialist", which was taboo until recently.      That tells you something is really cooking within society of late.        The oligarchs in USA wearily look South to the one year old Mexican political landscape with the new socialist president AMLO and feel anxious it could happen to them. 
Economic Update: Larger Social Changes to Support Worker Co-Ops
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Sanders & Socialism: Debate Between Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman & Socialist Economist Richard Wolff