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Comment ​by Rafael Zambrana                               April 11, 2022
This Song Has Such A Deep Message (THE CHOSEN ONE) Official Music Video
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Shocking Rat Experiment Teaches Powerful Life Lesson
This video reminds me when age 17 I left the safety of my family home and tried to break through to an independent life.   
I was away only for a few weeks in Acapulco, but that was an important test that helped me learn I needed to jump further away.
So I left the safety of the society I grew up in, and went to another country where I didn't know how to speak their language (yes, the language I am writing now on) so I learned not only a way to communicate, but a new way to think, feel and live, just as that wolf in the video is portrayed walking in opposite direction to the sheep.

We all have to go through a similar process in maturing as persons.    Nothing special about that, although some people can go further than the rest of us, to achieve more remarkable results as it happens with all those who have conquered scientific, artistic, or social changes affecting society.

 Albert Einstein when at the Gymnasium a teacher once said to him that he, the teacher, would be much happier if the boy were not in his class. Einstein replied that he had done nothing wrong. The teacher answered, “Yes, that is true. But you sit there in the back row and smile, and that violates the feeling of respect that a teacher needs from his class.”

The same teacher famously said that Einstein “would never get anywhere in life.”

What bothered Einstein most about the Luitpold was its oppressive atmosphere. His sister Maja would later write:

The military tone of the school, the systematic training in the worship of authority that was supposed to accustom pupils at an early age to military discipline, was also particularly unpleasant for the boy. He contemplated with dread that not-too-distant moment when he will have to don a soldier’s uniform in order to fulfill his military obligations.”

With 1 as the highest grade and 6 the lowest, the principal reported, Einstein’s marks in Greek, Latin and mathematics oscillated between 1 and 2 until, toward the end, he invariably scored 1 in math.

Albert Einstein was a precocious child.

At the age of twelve, he followed his own line of reasoning to find a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem. At thirteen he read Kant, just for the fun of it. And before he was fifteen he had taught himself differential and integral calculus.

But while the young Einstein was engrossed in intellectual pursuits, he didn’t much care for school. He hated rote learning and despised authoritarian schoolmasters. His sense of intellectual superiority was resented by his teachers.

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