Alternative Cancer Therapies
​​by ​Rafael Zambrana                                         April 25, 2014
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Courtesy of the Venus Project

The film above shows some of the many alternative methods that have been discovered to treat cancer, but have been fought by the establishment as a threat to their profitable monopoly sanctioned by government institutions.  

It is a known fact we all have cancerous cells but are under control by our immunological system, therefore it is natural the cures will be more successful when this system is strengthened by the reduction of toxins in the body and the increase of T cells using a change of diet and the ingestion of natural substances.

The profit-seeking corporations have become Cancer's killing machine partners.   There is no incentive for them to use natural ingredients they have no way to patent and profit from, as much as they do with those they can, so following a long self-serving tradition, they disregard all benefits to the community and instead will act exclusively in the interest of stockholders.    If patients die, so be it.