VLADIMIR PUTIN: the Munich Speech
by ​Rafael Zambrana                            March 18, 2014
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Courtesy of the Venus Project
The Munich Speech
Vladimir Putin the president of Russia, has been in the corporate and "alternative" US news media lately accused of being a tyrant and belligerent regarding the Crimea-Ukrainian situation. The spin is an attempt to obfuscate the facts by presenting the issue out of its historical context.   It is never mentioned Crimea has been Russian since the 17 hundreds before the US existed, and it was 60 years ago that Soviet premier Nikita Kruschev, himself an Ukrainian, that passed it on to Ukraine during the Soviet Union period. The corporate media doesn't mention the majority in Crimea are Russian in culture and language.

Another important point is most Russian speaking Ukrainians do not recognize the Kiev government for having taken power in a coup, never following the constitution.  While the US corporate media paints Putin as a tyrant, his popularity in Russia went from 62% to 73% during the month of the Crimea-Ukraine controversy, and in the Crimea referendum 84% of registered voters did vote (much more than in US elections) and 96% approved it to join Russia.   Obama's approval rate in contrast is only 41% in the US.

On February 10 2007 in Munich Putin gave a candid speech where he laid out Russia's point of view in many fields. The speech became famous and controversial and I think it is the proper time to present it so you can make your own mind as to
his intentions. Does he sound like an enemy or someone you could reason with?