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Blowing Up a Competitors Energy Pipeline is Terrorism

Comments by Seymour Hersh & Rafael Zambrana ​                       February 19, 2023
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Chris Hedges
This a brief combat report from the battlefield here and abroad in the aftermath of the release last Wednesday of my story about Joe Biden’s decision to blow up the Nord Stream pipelines.
First, many thanks for your interest in what the pipeline story was all about: a very dangerous Presidential decision. You are careful readers.
I’m an old hand at dropping bombshell stories that are based on the disclosures of sources I do not, and cannot, name. There is a pattern to the response by the mainstream media. It dates back to my breakthrough story: the My Lai massacre revelation. That story was published in five installments, over five weeks in 1969, by the underground media group Dispatch News. I had tried to get the two most important magazines in America, Life and Look, to publish the story, with no success. Editors at both publications had earlier invited me to do some freelance writing for them, but they wanted nothing to do with a story about a massacre committed by American soldiers.
It was a frightening time for me, in terms of my faith in the profession I had chosen. I was allowed to read and copy by hand much of the Army’s original charge sheet accusing a sad sack 2nd Lieutenant named William L. Calley Jr. of the premeditated murder of 109 “Oriental” human beings. I also had tracked Calley, the Army’s only suspect, and interviewed him at a base in Georgia—he was tucked away—and gotten his assertion that he was merely doing what he was ordered to do. Given all this, I was more than a little rattled—make that terrified—by the failure of senior editors at prominent magazines to jump at a story that would get international attention, especially when those editors professed to deplore the war and want it to end.

Decades ago we had the concept of COMMUNISM as the word often used to condemn a person, a country, or an act to be disapproved, but since the end of the Soviet Union the new narrative has chosen the concept of "Terrorism" as the main idea to be attached to anything or anyone doing something wrong.
The US narrative with all its powerful Media imposes its own point of view, although it usually attempts to sanction the "official story" put forward by the executive political office of the given government at the time.
The powerful US Media Corporations attach great importance to what the US leadership espouses at the moment it is broadcasted, therefore it behaves much as the Soviet Media used to do, criticized profusely by the so-called Western "Free-Press" as Fake News.    However a particularity of the US Media System is to have characters like Seymour Hersh who go outside of the mainstream to dare publish events the other Corporate for-profit Media refuses to publish, which is what turns the US Media into the real Free-Press, notwithstanding its many faults.
The only way anyone or any society can aspire to improve, is by recognizing and accepting the facts as they are, no matter how terrible they might be.    Mistakes always take place, but the only way to avoid them in the future is by recognizing them and changing the behavior that produced them.
In this particular case is to accept the fact it was the US leadership that blew up those oil and gas pipes delivering energy to Europe from Russia.    The US leadership had already declared its disapproval of the deliveries and had ordered the European leaders to stop purchasing  the energy from Russia.    However the next step was for the US to start selling the same energy to Europeans but at double the cost Russia was selling it for.     This behavior reminds us of the Mafia's corrupt acts by Al Capone and others that would force their victims to stop purchasing a given product, for later to sell it to them at higher prices, just as the USA is doing it to Europeans.

​​However, now the European consumers are unhappy protesting on the streets because they are the ones being screwed by their own leaders, and that pressure is what Russia is counting on to modify their leaders' arrangement with the USA.
The fact is the European Union is an occupied continent by the USA with many Military Bases housing over 70 thousand soldiers and nuclear bombs.   Perhaps this controversy will be the trigger for them to finally kick out the US military from their continent and live in peace with Russia and China.

R. Zambrana​