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The US Injustice System
Comment ​by Rafael Zambrana                    June 12, 2021
The US lawyer who confronted Chevron (the US oil corporation) in a US court, and won 8 and a half Billion Dollars for the Ecuadoran Amazon indigenous inhabitants affected by Chevron's reckless waste dumping in the jungle. is being legally attacked by the corporation, notwithstanding Chevron NEVER PAID what the court demanded.

​And this is taking place in the "Free Press, democracy fanatical" country of USA.
​It is another symptom of decadence in the long march to the end of an empire it has held for a few centuries.
It looks like the collapse in the world's public image of a country that had prestige and substance in the past: The United States of America. This shows the existence of a path to a relentless decline as a society when such injustice is affecting the lawyers themselves who dare to defend the weakest of victims, and foreign indigenous, at that.
The US justice system not only fails to implement the legal verdict against the corporation, but it fails to charge it for not paying, and on top of it, it aids Chevron in attacking the lawyer who won the case against them. Infamy is clearly the right qualification of such behavior.

Chevron Imprisons Lawyer Who Exposed Their Crimes Against Humanity
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