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 UKRAINE Conflict Explained
Comments by Rafael Zambrana                              December 15, 2022
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Chris Hedges
The conflict taking place in Ukraine has been the focus of years of attention by the US and other Western Media, shaping our perception of it. However, as you will hear in this interview of former US Colonel Douglas MacGregor, it has not been portrayed accurately. It looks more as state propaganda with the purpose to produce the taxpayers support to the large expenses the war is costing them.

​​This war is the result of the US having the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX in charge of the State Foreign Policy, with the purpose to enhance weapons' sales and exports to increase profits.

​​All those billions of dollars the Joe Biden administration have announced they will make available to the Ukraine current Zelinsky government, are actually staying in the USA because they are to pay for all the weapons Ukraine is using are made in the USA. It is important to note all this "help" to Ukraine is by no means a gift, because it will have to be repaid by someone, most likely Ukrainians, although the US and European oligarchs are attempting to "freeze" Russian assets in European banks to be used for payment for the war triggered by the CIA agent Victoria Nuland Coup in Kiev in 2014, which she claimed cost $5 Billion Dollars to perform.
The US offers Ukraine they will support them don't matter how long it takes, with weapons (not actual armies) but it seems that policy will ensure the destruction of Ukraine and many of its people. It is the sort of business Mafia's AL CAPONE in the 1920's would be proud of, by creating a conflict that required his help, for then he would deliver it at a profitable cost.

BOOK by the Colonel     file:///C:/Users/etnik/Downloads/458579.pdf
How Ukraine Became Part of the USSR - The Soviet–Ukrainian War (Documentary)