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  Real​ Estate Housing Shortage Explained

Comments by Rafael Zambrana & CNN Business     ​                       January 12, 2023
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Chris Hedges
The reason why I call this article a "fake crisis" is because in order to downgrade China by the US and Western Fake News outlets, they have erroneously called PRE-PAYMENTS from workers salaries, MORTGAGES.    This of course is a deliberate fake accusation because pre-payments are in fact an institutionalized form of SAVINGS in order to pay with their own money the housing they need.    No bank has lent out their own money as a mortgage to a Chinese Real Estate buyer for an interest fee, but rather it is the buyers who slowly are saving in the process of purchasing their housing unit.     The manner how it is portrayed in the US and Western press, is MISLEADING and FALSE, hence it is "Fake News".     The CNN article below is proof of what I state.   It's title claims "Mortgage Boycott" when in fact it is a Pre-Payments boycott.

​It looks like they want to tarnish China's image by alleging they have their own "Financial Crisis" just like in the US.    However it is merely wishful thinking on the part of the US oligarchy that keeps on failing to realize their EMPIRE is hopelessly diminishing with every passing day.  China's woes are real, but not as portrayed by the US oligarch's Media, and it is also as a result of corruption in the Chinese high places of the Communist Party.      The difference is that once a corrupt government official is identified, he is punished and even executed by the state as it has already happened before to 4.7 million Communist party members.

If this same action were applied in the US and Western​ countries, corruption would be curtailed dramatically as it is in China.​

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Mortgage Boycott Shows How Deep China’s Property Crisis Goes​

​CNN Business
If there’s one thing that defines China’s leader Xi Jinping’s 10-year reign, then it’s probably his signature anti-corruption campaign that he has used to consolidate power and bolster discipline and loyalty.
The oft-repeated slogan “scraping poison off the bone” denotes his determination to root out corruption, borrowing from a well-known Chinese folktale in which a legendary general had a doctor cut into an old arrow-wound to scrape out poison that had seeped to the bone.
Over the past 10 years, the Communist Party’s anti-corruption agency has investigated and punished 4.7 million members, many of whom received lengthy jail sentences. A handful were made examples of and executed for embezzling egregious ​amounts of money.

​The most notorious case involved Lai Xiaomin, a former top banker, who was executed in January last year for taking a staggering 1.79 billion yuan (US$264.6 million) in bribes – earning him the dubious honour of being the official convicted for receiving the largest amount of kickbacks in the history of the People’s Republic.
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