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The CABAL'S (deep state) war on reason
 Comment by Rafael Zambrana                                     April 14, 2017
Miguel de la Madrid
It should be scary for anyone watching politics today, to see how easy it is for people to be swayed by a con-man as billionaire Donald Trump has pushed the right buttons of the US electorate by promising the impossible to "make the United States Great Again", and taking advantage of his opponent's mistakes when the Democratic Party's Establishment decided to refuse to listen to their bases choice of outsider Bernie Sanders, and tried to push THEIR chosen candidate Killary Clinton instead.       The result of the rift allowed enough votes for the candidate with LESS votes Trump to be elected due to the undemocratic Electoral College US electoral system.
It is clear democracy in most countries is a sham to hide the reality of having a few wealthy families controlling the economic and political system from the shadows, while using the brainwashing Main Stream Media (MSM) to create the false narrative the voters have a real choice.
It is probably the first time since the CABAL has gained the International clout it has today, that a candidate not originally chosen by them has managed to enter the White House, notwithstanding an open challenge by the MSM under their control, using all the tricks in the trade, attempting character assassination publishing remarks Trump said in an unguarded moment ten years before dismissing women as sex objects, and yet people went ahead to vote him in.     Many Trump voters were women.
To be frank I was surprised about several things.     The first one about how a clear predilection by the democratic electorate that had chosen Bernie Sanders was blocked shamelessly by the Democratic Party Establishment.      Secondly, I was surprised about how little the negative campaign had affected their preference for Trump.       Third I was taken aback by the fact a "nobody" inside what is basically a home-prison in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Mr Julian Assange, was able to derail the powerful Killary Clinton's rich electoral machine to crash in her pursuit to get elected and establish a New World Order for the CABAL of ultra rich, by publishing leaked emails that exhibit some of the most disgusting behavior the world elites do by rapping children and behaving in the most despicable manner.

This has become the biggest example of how CONSCIOUSNESS is the most powerful weapon we have to defeat the monster CABAL of psychopaths who rule over us.     While the masses appear to be shapeless, the individuals actually do have a sense of decency and ethics the sick psychopaths who form the highest elites, lack.   And this presents the opportunity to defeat them.   They can't understand it because psychos can't feel it.     This is their "Achilles heel" we have to use to destroy them.

THE SYRIAN QUAGMIRE has been an opportunity for the CABAL to engulf Trump into its spider web and use him as they have done with any US leaders before the "outsider" Trump candidate.        Jared Kushner his wealthy son-in-law comes into his White House as what likely is an Israel mole to infiltrate the decision-making process and apply the CABAL's directives affecting Trumps choices, like the sudden Syria rockets attack as an example.      Israel is a direct manifestation of the CABAL who founded it 69 years ago and represents the worst the Jewish culture has to offer to the world, but it's strength comes from the powerful CABAL'S financial fraudulent activities of Money Creation by imposing the Debt-based currency we are forced to use in our economies.         Israel occupied the Golan Heights from Syria in the 6 day war decades ago, and its engineers have discovered rich deposits of oil in it, and they want to steal for good that land from Syria, one more reason Jared Kushner wants to incite Trump to attack and debilitate Syria.