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Russian Pranks Festival
Senators McCain, Lindsey Graham and Congressional Rep Maxine Waters
by Pranksters Boban & Lexus            Comment by Rafael Zambrana                February 19, 2017
Who says Ruskis have no sense of humor?    Two young fellows are showing us they can not only have fun, but also be part of International politics, and force changes.    These stupid US politicians who have been elected by their constituents have made fools of themselves by showing how easy they take for a fact who is calling them without confirming the source.
The more we dig, the more US "democracy" looks like the joke it is.    First the Trump election, and now this?       The Senators have been told their are talking to Ukraine's Prime Minister.

As explained by Maxine Waters in the prank phone call, her TV changed channel by itself to show an RT TV program with a Vladimir Putin speech.     Below is that speech the US Senator was forced to watch.
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