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Big Brother is
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By US Top Intelligence operators​
Comments Rafael Zambrana                          September 17, 2023
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Chris Hedges
CIA Analyst Ray McGovern and Scott Ritter talk about Russia and Ukraine

CIA Analyst Ray McGovern and former Military Scott Ritter use their expertise to undress the war in Ukraine.    Ray has been following for 60 years the Soviet Union and after their demise, the Russian Federation, offering an accurate analysis of the current situation.     
​The CIA analyst actually states he always thought what he heard in Russian Media, were all lies and propaganda, and yet after the 2008 collapse of Wall Street and the economy of most countries in the world, he recalled statements in the Russian Media that he realized actually confirmed their veracity during the Banking collapse.     
​Scott Ritter is a former Iraq inspector looking for the never to be found "weapons of mass destruction" that prompted the illegal Iraq invasion that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, starting the long occupation of that country.     
​But it was Afghanistan which was entered with the promise to end the Taliban rule that after 20 long years and billions of dollars spent the US Army finally left being kicked out by the same Taliban they had promised to destroy.
​However the US Army not merely ended their presence, but they did leave millions of dollars worth of Military equipment the Taliban are now using for their own defense.