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Big Brother is
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To save the world from our own selfishness
Comments Rafael Zambrana                          September 30, 2023
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Chris Hedges
Jeffrey Sachs Interview - A Hot War Between The Two Largest Nuclear Powers

Jeffrey Sachs again has offered his deep understanding to clarify the complicated nature of the belicist attitude of the United States of America, to create war as part of the profit seeking Military Industrial Complex that had been warned by Ex president Eisenhower in his last speech from the White House.

​China's ancient culture has proven to be free of wars for centuries, showing the rest of the world what is possible against the unfortunate facts regarding the British and Anglo Saxon tendency to seek confrontation and wars.

​The Ukraine war is but the last attempt by this small US oligarch group of individuals to continue with their purpose to create conflicts in order to profit from military sales.

​Plenty of comments are suggesting to find an individual like Sacks to lead the US government in the path of peace and development his analysis has provided.

​The world would end up benefiting if that ever happened, as a whole.
​DIALOG is the basis of understanding and cooperation in PEACE.
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