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The US Hiring of top Hitler's Nazis​ to teach Children in their Universities

Comments by Laura Schumm and Rafael Zambrana                                June 14, 2023
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Chris Hedges
Operation Paperclip: Top-Secret U.S. Army Program to Recruit & Bring 1600 Nazi Scientists to America

Joe Rogan The HARSH TRUTHS of Operation Paperclip
Operation Paperclip - COLD WAR SPECIAL
As World War II was entering its final stages, American and British organizations teamed up to scour occupied Germany for as much military, scientific and technological development research as they could uncover.
Trailing behind Allied combat troops, groups such as the Combined Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee (CIOS) began confiscating war-related documents and materials and interrogating scientists as German research facilities were seized by Allied forces.

​​One enlightening discovery—recovered from a toilet at Bonn University—was the Osenberg List: a catalogue of scientists and engineers that had been put to work f
or the Third Reich.

These several video's content reminds us what the real sentiment in 1944 was held by the US and British supposed "allies" regarding the Soviet Union, and why the Second Front against Hitler was delayed in purpose for several years while Russians were being exterminated by the Nazi Hitler's troops to the tune of 27 million people, mostly civilians.   The delay by Churchill and Roosevelt had been in purpose to weaken the Soviets as much as possible.
It wasn't until finally the Soviet army was able to counter attack in Stalingrad and surround 100 thousand Nazi soldiers making them prisoners by the very first time any one had done it in the whole war, and began to push back every day towards Germany, liberating country after country in their way, that finally the US and British oligarchs decided to do the promised second front with the Normandie sea invasion in France, more to stop the Soviets advances than to end the German Nazis that were basically finished.    The US was fearful of Russia's intentions to keep going all the way to Spain and gobble up all of Europe under their control.    That is the real reason of the Normandy Invasion.

​The false US narrative proliferated by Hollywood films is that it was the US Normandy invasion what finished Hitler​, but by then Hitler's preponderance in battle had been destroyed.   However even so, the US had a hard time advancing towards Germany after their landing.    George Patton the US general buffoon intended to bring troops to Berlin to control the Soviets, but his bosses ordered him not to do it.    They were afraid the Soviets would have wiped him out in front of the world.​
It was the Soviet Army alone who entered Berlin about ten months after the US Anglo Normandy invasion, that never actually arrived in Berlin until much later, and since then the US has been occupying Germany with 9 military bases and 75 thousand soldiers using Germans as their servants, not letting them have the freedom of acting as they please.
As an example of this control, there has been the recent bombing of a gas pipeline coming from Russia that Germany, Russia, Italy and other countries had invested in, having been destroyed by the US so they could sell them the same energy at 3 times more expensive than the Russian price.
These are the seeds of the US Nazi behavior that has pitted a Slavic Ukrainian brother neighbor to pick a fight with Russia and be destroyed in the process. NATO directed by the USA is destroying Ukraine the same way they did with YUGOSLAVIA which today doesn't exist any more. Ukraine will disappear as a country the same way, destroyed by the US and NATO
Operation Paperclip:  The CIA and the Nazis
What was Operation Paperclip?  Part One