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Comments by Rafael Zambrana                              November 22, 2022
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Chris Hedges
NOAM CHOMSKY has been consistent in his views throughout his life, using his huge intellectual capacity to analyse issues and offer practical solutions for them. Part of the value of this interview are the correct relevant questions asked by LEX FRIDMAN. The interview consolidates Chomsky as the most currently relevant US thinker alive at his astonishing 93 years of age. It only makes me hope I could retain any of his capacities if I ever reach his age in my life.
However, I like to note Chomsky fails in his comparison of the Invasion of Ukraine by Russia, with the US invasion of Iraq, given that Iraq is several thousands of kilometers away from the US and Ukraine is next door to Russia, from where nuclear rockets can be sent in seven minutes to land in Moscow.
The US has invaded its neighbor to the South on multiple occasions, and in one of them it has stolen more than half its territory and has never returned it. Therefore, the US truly has no moral ground to demand Russia refrain from invading Ukraine. Noam, being a true analyst, explains it in the interview.