by ​Rafael Zambrana                             October 4, 2013
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"Those who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little 
​temporary safety, deserve neither liberty, nor safety"

​Benjamin Franklin

The capacity to spin the facts by the corporate media is legendary and once again we are presented a scenario that would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic.
A mother driving with her one year old child rammed some barricades near the White House and her actions show she was trying to get the hell away from the scene, not attack anyone.   She had no weapons.
She was shot dead and we will probably never know why she did it, although we can't rule out some brainwashing planting of evidence by the police to steer our minds into the direction they want in order to construct a fantasy to cover their asses.    Why didn't they shoot her tires and ended it without killing anyone?

This incident offers an opportunity to stop and think about how easy it is for the corporate media to create hysteria where it wants to and to totally disregard true important issues it wants to bury in the service of their masters.

For instance we're in the middle of another government shut-down because of the refusal by the Banana Republicans to allow the increase in the debt ceiling, which offers a Golden Opportunity to the alternative media to use as a base to explain to the people of United States we in fact don't have to get into more debt at all.

The US is getting into a growing debt every second of the day because there is a lot less revenue than expenses, and part of those expenses and the reason why there is a global debt crisis is because of the way the currency is being created.

Most people are unaware that money can be created in several ways, not only one way.   For most people money is just one thing and it means food, shelter, transportation and all things we need to live, but in the process of working hard to earn it and being frugal to spend it, we are lost in the fight for survival missing the most important knowledge, namely:  How this thing we call money actually functions, and how it comes into existence.
Once we begin to understand this issue of money, we soon realize it is the most important basic knowledge every one needs to have, because it determines EVERYTHING in our personal lives and in the life of the society we live in.

MONEY IS THE BLOOD OF THE ECONOMY and therefore its quality and quantity determine the health of the "patient", that means all of us.

The "Debt Ceiling" is unnecessary if the government instead of borrowing from the FED (Federal Reserve Board, the supposed US central bank owned and controlled by the most powerful PRIVATE BANKS in the world) would create its own currency interest-free, just as it was done by Lincoln in the 1860's when he created the Greenbacks and for which he was assassinated.

For those who will ask how can the government just create this money out of thin air, I will ask them back "How do you think the FED is creating the money it lends to the US taxpayer?".     The FED does exactly the same!!!  


The FED merely writes in a computer a number in the billions of dollars and in that way "creates" money that then lends to us taxpayers charging interest.   They call them Bonds that are "sold" to us via the US government.

Just think about it.     For several years the FED has been doing Q1, Q2 and now infinite Q3 which means they are creating trillions of dollars OUT OF THIN AIR using this process, and injecting it into the financial, speculative side of the economy, almost totally bypassing what is called "The Real Economy" which is where we exist as productive members making things people need to live, unlike the financial sector that produces absolutely nothing.

Bernanke, the head of the FED is purchasing every single month 85 billion dollars of toxic assets from the zombie banks at FULL PRICE while their Mark-to-Market price (the actual market price) is between 10 and 20%, and then hanging these toxic worthless assets from our necks as debt.

AND WHERE IS THE FED GETTING THIS MONEY FROM TO PURCHASE THOSE TOXIC ASSETS?  Remember the US has no money, so where is all this money coming from? 
They are creating them by simply writing in a computer 85 billion every month, selling them to us as bonds and then charging interest for it.

So if the FED can do that, why can't we do it as well INTEREST-FREE?   And that's exactly what Lincoln did when confronted with a war against the South and banksters wanted to charge 30% interest.   He just created the Greenbacks with a new color to differentiate them from the other dollars created by the private banks in circulation.

So my point is that while we're being diverted from real issues of importance by what has been actually an assassination of a woman who probably didn't mean any harm, and even if she did, it is unlikely she was on her right mind while doing it with her one year old toddler next to her, the government services have been diminished from a totally unnecessary shutdown.

The police have again behaved as trigger-happy monsters shooting an unarmed woman trying to drive away from danger.