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How the Cabal has used Mexico to further its own agenda
            Comment by Rafael Zambrana                                     March 22, 2017
Knowledge is power, so it's no surprising those who form the elites are interested in extending their realm by making sure their children go to the best schools.
Yale, Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford Universities are the ideal venues for their family position being maintained and expanded. It is during these years of study the new members of the elites meet each other and plant the seeds of what will be the next generation of world rulers. The CEO's of the largest, richest corporations are rubbing shoulders with the future political elites, Prime Ministers and Presidents of countries around the world.


Former Mexico's president from 1982 to 1988, having the humorous peculiarity part of his last name means "stolen" (which for a Mexican official is a certainty) found himself surrounded by the richest inheritors of power in the world when he was sent by his lawyer father to learn how to manage power as well.
The self-serving ideology of Neo-Liberalism whose purpose is to allow market forces determine the administration of the economy, letting capital and the accumulation of profits set the direction, has proven over and over again to be a poor guide, relying more on personal greed rather than in judicious decisions to satisfy society's needs, (triggering hence, the 2007 debt-world-crisis)

It was him who introduced to Mexico the beginning of the neo-liberal reforms that have proven to be so hazardous to society as the current crisis in the European Union makes clear. He studied at Universidad Nacional (UNAM) in Mexico city, but did his masters at Harvard where it is likely he was approached with the offer to open up the Mexican economy to international capital. One of his economic consultants, Carlos Salinas de Gortari who also studied at UNAM in Mexico city, followed him in doing his masters and PhD at Harvard University from 1972 to 1978.
He came back with a clear agenda to pry open the Mexican economy to service the Cabal of the international banker's cartel who were looking for new markets to expand their operations. De la Madrid chose him to be the next President of Mexico.

Every country has its own historical particularities and Mexico's are unique because of its geographical location, and period in the overall world history. The fact Mexico is next to what became the strongest militarily, and most dynamic economy is in itself enough to shape its outcome. Losing 60% of its territory to USA in a phony war during the middle of the 1800's, resulted in Mexico's leaders design a constitution to try to alleviate the shortcomings that triggered the big loss, by enacting legislation to promote and protect its territory by protecting its own industry and commerce, demanding 51% of all corporations remained in Mexican hands. Such laws were anathema to the free movement of capital, therefore frustrating the Cabal of families who control the world by the use of National debts accumulated in the process of generating the Money Supply.

The Cabal (supra-state) uses the local oligarchies in every country to advance its own agenda while joining them to further theirs. The international oligarchy trains its own offspring in top universities like Harvard, Yale, Oxford and others so they can inherit the baton from them and continue on the centuries old control of the world using debt as its basic tool.
Carlos Salinas de Gortari during his Masters and PhD studies at Harvard University learned of the true application of power on earth, in stark contrast to the sanitized fantasy being hammered into the populace minds by the MSM (main stream media) the educational system and politicians, an illusion of "democratic choice", and political independence from the richest elites. Its all a farce.

After his return Carlos Salinas was to implement a plan to open up the Mexican hermetic socio-economic-political system that had been set up to maintain Mexico's sovereignty. However after he came back and his party applied the traditional electoral corrupt formula used for decades to steal elections, this time it failed because political conditions
had changed in Mexican society and the PRI was attacked from both the left by a new party called PRD and from the right by the religious PAN, taking them by surprise. The PRI vote thieves had to fake a computer collapse of the voting system to explain why the numbers weren't ready as expected, and it was until a few days later that after "cooking" the books, they finally came up with numbers that supposedly showed the PRI had won, but for a small margin.
Carlos Salinas de Gortari using the excuse of "modernizing" Mexico, began to destroy the legal framework former patriots had legislated even into the Constitution to keep in Mexicans hands their country, especifically with the oil resource.

However at the end of his mandate of six years Salinas compounded his pathetic regime with his choosing of successor of Donaldo Colosio who began to voice his intention of modifying the PRI traditions that had protected the local oligarchy's theft every new elections, so it was decided he had to go, and Colosio was assassinated blatantly during an electorate campaign presentation in Tijuana by a supposed "lone" attacker Mario Aburto who was jailed for 42 years.

Given the unusual situation a replacement had to be found quickly to replace the official PRI candidate, so another Yale University graduate was found with ERNESTO ZEDILLO who while holding a PhD was branded a "veterinarian" by CNN when as soon as he took office he made a series of errors resulting in the collapse of the Mexican economy. A chronically overvalued Mexican peso collapsed as soon as Salinas passed on the nation to Zedillo, triggering a chain of events with international repercussions branded the "Tequila Effect" which started a capital flight from all the global developing world That's how perilous Carlos Salinas had left the overvalued peso only days of departing.
He had been publicly offered to become the first head of the new World Trade Organization WTO, but because of the Mexican crisis the post was instead given to the Italian Renato Ruggiero. However the pay-back by the Cabal for the Salinas' thieves goodies has been amply rewarded as seen by the Ernesto Zedillo's comfortable position as the President of the 21st Century Council at the Cabal's Berggruen Institute, promoting Globalization to propagate the Cabal's rapacious binge surrounded by many other traitors including the noisy Arianna Huffington.

The other criminal rewarded with a plush position is Zedillo's regime economic Minister Jose Angel Gurria as the OECD Director with the same purpose to establish a world government benefiting the Cabal, in detriment of the masses of productive people on Earth.
Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado
Carlos Salinas de Gortari  
JoseAngel Gurria
During the Zedillo regime it was decided to align Mexico with the same fallacy the rest of the world is following within the narrative of fake democracies to make it easier for the Cabal to manage the globe, so they decided to allow the other captured Cabal's opposition party PAN win the national election in the year 2000 and so that party won the next election after that, to give the impression Mexico was within the narrative of believable democracies.  The Mexican oligarchy main party the PRI had already taken the first step when for the first time in decades they allowed an opposition party win the State of Baja California, and in unfortunate Mexican macho-style of politics, they chose for their first defeat a woman to take the fall.  Margarita Ortega Villa lost.   Following the mess that resulted during the National election of the PAN's supposed win, Carlos Salinas went into self-exile in Ireland given the two countries have no extradition treaty.
Following Carlos Salinas departure from Mexico an unprecedented avalanche of accusations were openly disseminated by the main stream media against the former president, braking all sorts of traditional protocols customarily followed in past elections, even placing his brother Raul in jail and over one hundred million dollars snatched from a Swiss account on his name.
HOWEVER, Carlos Salinas eventually came back to Mexico with a vengeance to take away from the nation what he couldn't finish stealing during his own regime time, so he has become a modern version of the "godfather" Plutarco Elias Calles was during his Maximato, pulling the strings from behind the curtain to rule over the weak leader Enrique Peña Nieto, and in this way continue being a servant to the Cabal by stealing the Mexican oil as the last remnant of the country's wealth.
Thanks to Carlos Salinas Mexico has the world's distinction of having a complete banking system in the hands of foreigners.    No other country of any importance has permitted such a shameful act of betrayal to the interests of the nation.
The comparison to Calles is perhaps unfair in that Calles was a true patriot who defended the interests of his nation, notwithstanding he was manipulating other presidents while he was flirting with the popularity of the 1930's Mussolini's Fascism.
Ernesto Zedillo
Donaldo Colosio
Plutarco Elias Calles
Carlos Salinas de Gortari, the minute baldy standing up while signing away Mexico's sovereignty at the NAFTA summit.
The two godfathers
of Mexican politics

Salinas conducting   the modern
Another well rewarded criminal for the loss of Mexican sovereignty is GUILLERMO ORTIZ the G 30 treasurer who headed the BANCO DE MEXICO.
As you will see at the bottom of the page Ernesto Zedillo is also part of this gang of bankster mafiosi where the most prominent global banking prostitutes are all put into one group.     Past FED monsters like Paul Volcker, Ben Bernanke, and  Timothy Geithner and also CURRENT active members like Mario Draghi President of the central European Bank, Paul Krugman NY academic and New York Times columnist, Haruhiko Kuroda head of the central Bank of Japan, Zhou Xiaochuan central Bank of China, Mark Carney Bank of England (former head of Canadian central Bank)
Also many former members of high finance posts like Domingo Cavallo Minister of Economy in Argentina (no wonder its devastated results)   Raghuram G. Rajan Central Bank of India, Kenneth Roggof chief economist of the IMF (International Monetary Fund)  Larry Summers former US Treasury Secretary (it was him who ended the Glass-Steagal Act that triggered the 2007 banking crisis)

As you can see there are plenty of psychopaths in the world to fill up this banksters mafia tank, and the reason they can do it is simply the lack of CONSCIOUSNESS the masses of people suffer, but that can be repaired by EDUCATION and a willingness to leave behind selfdestructive forms of thinking and behaving.

I am not a religious person and yet I hold a belief the Mayan calendar announcing changes around 2012 are in fact taking place, as the BREXIT vote and the rejection of Killary Clinton's association with the Cabal of Banksters have shown.    The awakening to the global scandalous theft by the enforcement of the FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM around the world, is slowly but surely happening..


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