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Comment by Rafael Zambrana ​                       March 7, 2023
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Chris Hedges
The clock is swinging back from Globalization to Local Production as we can see with this sample taking place in Local Farming in USA offering true independence to feeding the community. What could be more important than feeding themselves in order to build the true independence for any community on earth?
Not only is it practical, but farming our own food offers people the beauty and happiness of recognizing our own value as strongly independent.
The practice offers a sense of self-worth not possible with anything else, and transmits it to every member of the community. It starts a trend to become independent in all other areas, like producing the tools and all other utensils like clothing, transportation, communication devices society requires to function.
GLOBALIZATION HAD TAKEN AWAY all of these satisfactions to the community and the individual. Now it is being restored.

Another important aspect of this event is the fact production is being done as a COOPERATIVE giving the local community a bigger control ​over their lives.​

Growing a Prosperous Future