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Described it with all its Racism since its Beginning
Comments Rafael Zambrana                            January 13, 2024
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Chris Hedges
What Churchill Thought About the Palestinians and Jews

The conflict in that part of the world, originally called Palestine, affects the whole planet, mainly because of the religious overtones attached to the territory, and therefore with dangerous consequences for millions of people who attach themselves to any of these religions: the Christian, the Muslim and the Jewish.
The video presentation diggs into what took place at its beginning, including the British empire's and its leader at the time, Winston Churchill, a character of deep significance to British culture, as revealed in a recent poll.
The importance of this issue is made clear with the current enhancement of the old conflict exploding with the Palestinian Hamas group of resistance, although in most Western Media they describe them as "terrorists", just as George Washington and the US Forefathers were described at the time of their insurrection in the USA.
Notwithstanding the US and Western criticism of the occupied Palestinian insurrection with the Hamas attack against Israel, this video clearly presents the deeply racist roots of the Israel State's beginnings, which as we see with the Western Media's reaction, is still inherent in them.
The hope of the human observers of the conflict is that common sense will prevail in order for ALL habitants of the territory attain peace and tranquility to develop their social and individual lives.
Israel is already a factual functioning society, deserving its existence, and the Palestinian population all the same deserves to live in a territory they can call their own, next to Israel, as it has been ordained by the UN before, whatever Israel's positive or negative thoughts about it.

It is important to mention, as described by the presenter​ quoting Tarik Ali's book, The Muslims were much more liberal in allowing other religion's to thrive under their rule, much more than Christians and Jews. In Spain for instance, Muslims did not force the population to learn their language, or be forced to convert to the Muslim religion, unlike the Spaniards who wherever they went, in the American Continent or Philippines in Asia, they did force the local inhabitants to learn their language and adopt their religion. The current narrative assumes the opposite, seeing the Muslims as imposing their beliefs on others. This is inaccurate.

In 1967, Tarik Ali was in Camiri, Bolivia, not far from where Che Guevara was captured, to observe the trial of Régis Debray. He was accused of being a Cuban revolutionary by authorities. Ali then said: "If you torture me the whole night and I can speak Spanish in the morning I'll be grateful to you for the rest of my life."
Paul Williams the interviewer